• Overseas Trade
    • In recent years, with increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, famous brands and new companies began to look for opportunities in oversea markets. The importance of oversea markets has been recognized by many enterprises. Enterprises who seek opportunity overseas make a consensus that exploring a new market with 2.5 billion customers is better than stinging with a market with only 800 million customers.
    • The implementation of the national strategies has created huge opportunities for enterprises to 'go abroad', such as the initiative of 'One Belt One Road (OBOR)'.
    • Through the cooperation of productivity, China and countries along the 'One Belt One Road' achieve the aim of common development and will build new markets. The multi-industry and wide-area cooperation will consolidate the fundamental cooperation between China and these countries, and promote the mutual support. It will be beneficial to the construction of economic community and build the win-win cooperation.
    • The ’One Belt One Road foreign trade service platform' is designed by Meorient to provide a new platform and new way for exchanges, communication, cooperation between the countries along ' the Belt and Road'.
    • The new service model of 'Internet, Exhibition, Trade' will get the trust from different enterprises. The excellent experience of the information service will greatly shorten the process of trade matching and improve the efficiency for trade matching. International operation teams deeply understand their languages, customs, business rules and the trade requirement in the emerging market. Based on Big Data from our platform, the high-quality Chinese suppliers can be found quickly and accurately for our buyers.

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